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Medication Help for People with End Stage Renal Disease

An End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) diagnosis can feel life changing. It can be hard to cope with the demands of the illness and how it affects your daily life.

Adjusting to your treatment plan may take some time. Your plan might include:

  • Going to multiple dialysis sessions every week
  • Making changes to your diet
  • Balancing your fluid intake
  • Exercising more regularly
  • Taking an increased number of daily prescription medications

Taking an active role in your health can reduce the stress and anxiety you feel around your diagnosis and treatment. It’s important to lean on your health care team of doctors, pharmacists, case workers and therapists for support. They can connect you with the tools and resources you need to stay healthier.

How Medication Management Can Help ESRD Patients

Getting help with your medications is one way you can feel more in control of your health. It can help keep you safer and give you greater peace of mind.

This is especially true when you have ESRD, because you are likely taking multiple daily medications throughout the day. To ensure these medications work to your benefit, you need to take them exactly as directed by your doctor.

Many pharmacies offer medication management services to help you do this. These services include:

  • Sorting and packaging your medications, vitamins and supplements by day and time. This makes it easier for you to take your medications at the intervals your doctor prescribed. A note on phosphate binders: Day and time packaging is very useful if you been prescribed a phosphate binder medication. Binders are usually taken at or around meal times, because they only work when you have food in your digestive system. They also may need to be taken separately from your other medications to work effectively. For these reasons, ExactCare packages binders in single packets labeled by time-of-day. This packaging is easy to take on the go and helps you remember to take your binders with food.
  • Delivering all your medications to your house at the same time every month. You won’t have to worry about picking up prescription refills!
  • Having your medications reviewed regularly by a pharmacist to look for possible risks to your health. It’s a good idea to use a single pharmacy so they can have all your medications on file. [Read more about why using one pharmacy is important]
  • Coordinating with your doctors for refills and medication changes to ensure you have the medicine you need in a timely matter. Because your health is monitored closely when you have ESRD, you may have more frequent medication changes.
  • Providing you and your family members or caregivers easy access to your medication information.
  • Offering advice and information about your medications. You’ll be more likely to stick to your treatment plan if you know more about how your medications work.

Are You Interested in Getting Help With Your Medications?

ExactCare helps people who take multiple medications and manage conditions like ESRD. We offer all the services above at no cost beyond your insurance copayment.

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