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Taking an Active Role in Your Health is Important for Managing Chronic Conditions

May 20, 2021 — Living with a chronic health condition can be stressful. There is a lot to understand about how to manage your symptoms and take care of yourself. Even taking new medications can be overwhelming when you first begin.

The good news is, your healthcare team can help you. By working together with your doctor and pharmacist, you can gain a greater sense of control over your situation and chronic condition.

Here are some tips on how to play a more active role in your care and help you get the support you need.
  1. Listen and learn. Your doctor and pharmacist are a great source for learning about your specific condition and medications. They are qualified to offer health advice and can often make recommendations tailored specifically to you.
  2. Communicate often. Whether you have a question about a medication you are taking or have experienced a new symptom – let your team know! The more information you share, the better they can fully understand your needs. Be sure to speak up when you have concerns about your care or think you may be experiencing a medication side effect.
  3. Follow your treatment plan. This will be the most effective way for you to maintain or improve your health. If you struggle to follow your plan, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. They can work with you to make adjustments, if appropriate and/or needed.
  4. Ask a family member or caregiver for support. Sometimes it helps to have someone close to you involved in your care. This is particularly important if you have trouble remembering information or reading instructions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it!

If you are an ExactCare patient, you have access to support to help you understand and manage your medications. This includes MyECP, a website and mobile app that acts like a personal pharmacy assistant. With MyECP, you can:

  • Track when and if you have taken your meds
  • Set up medication reminders
  • Access your complete medication list
  • Share your medication information with a loved one or caregiver, if you choose.

Find out more about MyECP or to sign up (for current patients only).

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