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ExactCare Medication Management Program Proven to Reduce Average Total Cost of Care by 5 Percent for Patients with Complex Medical Needs

Recent study published in JMCP showcases how ExactCare’s pioneering long-term pharmacy care services drive improved medication adherence, reduce health care utilization, and save on total medical costs

CLEVELAND (March 4, 2021) – ExactCare, a leading national medication management and pharmacy care provider, today announced its comprehensive medication management solution has been proven to improve adherence, reduce health care utilization and generate total cost of care savings, according to a study conducted by RAND Corporation and recently published by the Journal of Managed Care + Specialty Pharmacy (JMCP).

The study, which reviewed medical and prescription drug encounter data of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries from one of the largest private insurers in the United States, examined the impact of ExactCare’s high-touch, multi-intervention approach for patients with complex medical needs. The study demonstrated the following:

    • Improved Medication Adherence. Statistically significant increases in adherence to statins and antihypertensive drugs
    • Decreases in Number and Length of Facility Admissions. Statistically significant decreases in skilled nursing facility (SNF) admission rates, SNF days, and inpatient days
    • Reductions in Total Cost of Care. Approximately $2,400 less in total cost of care per member per year, representing a 5 percent reduction in average costs

This study noted significant impact among patients with the most severe healthcare concerns.

“ExactCare’s unique approach to medication management was purposefully designed to serve people with chronic conditions,” said ExactCare President & CEO Dale Wollschleger, R.Ph. “For our patients, it is critical to provide a comprehensive approach that fully accounts for complex clinical issues as well as struggles with activities of daily living, as opposed to traditional pharmacy models that typically offer a single intervention focused on convenience. This study demonstrates that our robust services create better health outcomes for our patients and also address quality and cost objectives for healthcare organizations responsible for patient care.”

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in the United States. An estimated 60% of adults have been diagnosed with one chronic condition and 40% with two or more chronic conditions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (CDC’s NCCDPHP).

Read the complete study here.

“At ExactCare, we elevate the role of pharmacists to manage ongoing relationships with patients and their paid and family caregivers, and also collaborate with the numerous physicians and other providers typically delivering care to the patient,” said ExactCare Chief Operating Officer Brad Hess, R.Ph. “Our model goes beyond the expectations of traditional pharmacy models to provide long-term pharmacy care for patients where and when they need it—in assisted living facilities and group homes and independent living, through transitions of care, and in their own homes. We are honored to collaborate with providers, health plans, pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) across the United States to ensure the results of this innovative service improve as many lives as possible.”

About ExactCare
ExactCare, a CarepathRx company, provides solutions to overcome medication-related and chronic care challenges for patients with complex, chronic medical needs. Founded in 2009, the company drives better health for patients and better clinical, quality and economic outcomes for the healthcare organizations that care for them—including payors, health systems and hospitals, home health organizations, primary care practices and other providers. ExactCare provides comprehensive long-term pharmacy care to patients in assisted and independent living facilities, throughout transitions of care, and in their homes—with a focus on improving patient adherence to prescribed medications and enabling safer, more effective medication regimens. ExactCare also provides a number of additional value-based solutions, including HEDIS Gap Closure Assistance and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Programs. ExactCare is licensed to serve patients nationwide. For more information, visit www.exactcare.com.

About CarepathRx
CarepathRx is transforming pharmacy care delivery for health systems and hospitals, delivering improved patient outcomes that drive clinical, quality, and financial results. Through the industry’s most comprehensive, end-to-end hospital pharmacy care delivery model, CarepathRx is turning hospital pharmacy into an active care management strategy and revenue generator while providing support across the patient’s complete healthcare journey. The company takes an enterprise approach, providing a powerful combination of technology, market-leading clinical pharmacy services, and wrap-around services that optimize pharmacy performance across the enterprise for fully integrated pharmacy operations, expanded healthcare services, improved ambulatory access, minimized clinical variation and new health system revenue streams. Today, CarepathRx serves more than 15 health systems and 600 hospitals, with more than 1,500 employees nationwide. For more information about CarepathRx, visit www.carepathrxllc.com.

Marshall Votta
Chief Growth Officer, ExactCare

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