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Patients Rate ExactCare Service “World Class” for the Sixth Consecutive Year

Comprehensive long-term pharmacy care model earns superior satisfaction ratings among patients managing complex, chronic medical needs in home and community settings

CLEVELAND (February 16, 2023) – ExactCare, a national medication management and long-term pharmacy care provider that specializes in helping people with complex, chronic medical needs, has earned a world-class service rating from patients for the sixth consecutive year.

For 2022, ExactCare earned a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +75, measured through the organization’s annual patient experience survey. NPS, a cross-industry benchmark used to measure overall customer satisfaction and loyalty, is measured on a scale of -100 to +100, with scores of zero or higher considered “good.”

On the same survey:

  • 95% of patients agreed ExactCare makes it easier to manage their medications
  • 93% of patients agreed ExactCare provides services that help them stay healthy
  • 95% of patients agreed ExactCare delivery makes it easier to get their medications—a measure aligned with the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plan CAHPS questionnaire

“Our team is committed to providing the best possible care to help our patients live healthier, happier lives,” said Marty Butler, President & Chief Financial Officer, ExactCare. “Our comprehensive pharmacy care model was built on the idea that people with multiple chronic health conditions not only benefit from but also typically need a more comprehensive level of pharmacy care to help them optimize their treatment outcomes and improve the quality of their lives. The results of our annual patient experience survey continue to reaffirm the positive impact of this customized approach.”

ExactCare’s long-term care pharmacy service model provides a more comprehensive and collaborative approach to care and supports patients across a variety of care settings, with emphasis on home and community settings and including facilities such as skilled nursing homes and dialysis centers. ExactCare partners with health plans, home health organizations, hospitals and other providers to support people with the most high-risk, complex medical needs and enable improved clinical and financial healthcare outcomes.

“At ExactCare, we understand the unique medication challenges that come with managing multiple chronic conditions and know that medication therapy plays a central role in helping patients live healthier,” said Brad Hess, Chief Operating Officer, ExactCare. “We believe that pharmacy care is about more than the transaction of dispensing medications—it’s about building relationships with patients and their care teams and providing a more comprehensive level of clinical support to proactively identify and address patient challenges. Our dedication is guided by The ExactCare Patient Promise—our purpose statement—which establishes our team’s commitment to putting patients first to improve their health, enhance the quality of their lives and give them peace of mind.”

About ExactCare
ExactCare, a CarepathRx company, provides solutions to overcome medication-related and chronic care challenges for patients with complex, chronic medical needs. Founded in 2009, the company drives better health for patients and better clinical, quality and economic outcomes for the healthcare organizations that care for them—including payors, health systems and hospitals, home health organizations, primary care practices and other providers. ExactCare provides comprehensive long-term pharmacy care to patients in assisted and independent living facilities, throughout transitions of care, and in their homes—with a focus on improving patient adherence to prescribed medications and enabling safer, more effective medication regimens. ExactCare also provides a number of additional value-based solutions, including HEDIS Gap Closure Assistance and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Programs. ExactCare is licensed to serve patients nationwide. For more information, visit www.exactcare.com.

About CarepathRx
CarepathRx is transforming pharmacy care delivery for health systems and hospitals, delivering improved patient outcomes that drive clinical, quality, and financial results. Through the industry’s most comprehensive, end-to-end hospital pharmacy care delivery model, CarepathRx is turning hospital pharmacy into an active care management strategy and revenue generator while providing support across the patient’s complete healthcare journey. The company takes an enterprise approach, providing a powerful combination of technology, market-leading clinical pharmacy services, and wrap-around services that optimize pharmacy performance across the enterprise for fully integrated pharmacy operations, expanded healthcare services, improved ambulatory access, minimized clinical variation and new health system revenue streams. Today, CarepathRx serves more than 15 health systems and 600 hospitals, with more than 1,500 employees nationwide. For more information about CarepathRx, visit www.carepathrxllc.com.

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