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How Long Does It Take to Align Prescription Refills

July 23, 2021 – Aligning your prescription refills is a convenient way to help you better keep track of your medications. This process, called med sync, also has health and safety benefits and is an important step in packaging meds by time and day.

We covered the great benefits of choosing med sync in a previous post, which you can read here. This includes making it easier to take your medications as prescribed. Now, we will explain how med sync works and what to expect while your pharmacy team is aligning your refills.

How long does it take to align your refills?

It’s different for everyone! But your pharmacy team will take care of all of the details for you.

Keep in mind that your insurance covers a full supply of your prescriptions every 30 days. Other factors that can impact the timing to align your refills include:

  • The date you last refilled each prescription
  • How many prescriptions you have
  • How quickly your pharmacy receives new prescriptions, if needed
  • If your insurance will approve early refills

What can you expect during the med sync process?

As your pharmacy lines up your refill dates, they may provide you with a small supply of some of your medications. You may hear this called a “short supply.” This is a normal part of the process.

These short supplies ensure you have enough of your medications on hand while your 30-day refill dates “catch up” to one another. At ExactCare, we may send small supplies of medications in bottles during this time. As soon as we can fill a 30-day supply for all or most of your prescriptions, you will start receiving your medication doses packaged together in the ExactPack by day and time of day.

ExactCare has expertly helped tens of thousands of patients simplify their medication routines through this process. To keep them informed every step of the way, our pharmacy team develops a personalized plan for every ExactCare patient. We can also answer any questions that come up.

While med sync does not instantly happen, it’s worth the wait! Med sync has been proven to make it easier for people to take their medications as prescribed and live healthier!


If you are interested in med sync and would like to learn more, call 1-844-287-1609 to speak to an ExactCare representative.

If you are a new ExactCare patient with questions about your medications as you wait for your first ExactPack, call our pharmacy team at 1-877-355-7225.

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