May 6, 2021 — Not only is May Lupus Awareness Month, it’s also the kickoff of an exciting partnership between ExactCare and the Lupus Foundation, Greater Ohio chapter. Together, we are working to provide lupus patients access to hydroxychloroquine through a special program made possible by the state of Ohio.

Hydroxychloroquine, one of the main drug therapies to treat lupus, was under consideration for treating COVID-19 in early 2020. At the time, many states invested in building a supply of hydroxychloroquine to ensure availability for coronavirus treatment, if needed. However, after the Food and Drug Administration determined hydroxychloroquine does not help with coronavirus prevention or recovery, many states were left with an excess supply of the medication.

When the state of Ohio contacted the Lupus Foundation to help identify a way to get these medications into the hands of lupus patients who need them, the Lupus Foundation contacted ExactCare for assistance.

As the partner pharmacy to the Lupus Foundation, ExactCare will be providing hydroxychloroquine to patients participating in this program, at no cost. Additionally, program participants who are taking multiple medications will have the opportunity to get all of their medications through ExactCare, if they choose.

“Medication access and adherence is critically important to managing chronic conditions like lupus—and both play a key role in supporting a patient’s overall health and quality of life,” said Graham Gravley, Senior Vice President, Clinical Services. “At ExactCare, we understand how challenging it can be to manage a chronic condition and have designed our services to help people with these unique needs. The Lupus Foundation is providing an important community benefit by helping connect people with the resources they need to better manage their health, and we are excited to be partnering with them to further this support.”

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