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ExactCare Presents at PBMI 23rd National Benefit Conference

CLEVELAND (March 12, 2018) – ExactCare® presented March 7 at the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI) 23rd National Drug Benefit Conference, showcasing the findings of a study that revealed significant reductions in total cost of care for patients utilizing the company’s high-touch comprehensive medication management model.

The study compared total cost of care (comprised of medical and pharmacy spend) for health plan members using ExactCare as compared with propensity matched members using other pharmacies. Medicaid, Medicare and Dual-eligible populations were included in the analysis.

For patients enrolled in service with ExactCare and taking 10+ daily medications, the study revealed substantial per-member per-month (PMPM) savings as follows:

• Medicaid members using ExactCare: $496 savings PMPM
• Medicare members using ExactCare: $731 savings PMPM
• Dual-eligible members using ExactCare: $980 savings PMPM

Marty Butler, ExactCare CFO, presented the findings at a session alongside Optum Advisory Services, the consulting group that conducted the study. The capstone session closed the widely attended conference, which focused on the disruption of the pharmacy benefit management industry and the reinvention of the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM).

“Industry disruption and innovation were predominant themes at this year’s PBMI conference, and ExactCare’s presentation was at the forefront,” said Terry Rogers, ExactCare Chief Growth Officer. “The significant cost savings observed through the study demonstrates the substantial positive impact this type of progressive medication management model can provide for Health Plans, ACOs, PBMs and their members. It’s truly a ‘win-win-win’ situation.”

About ExactCare
ExactCare partners with health care organizations to provide comprehensive medication management for medically complex, high-risk patients. Our approach helps patients overcome the challenges of polypharmacy while enabling health care organizations to achieve better clinical and economic outcomes. ExactCare utilizes a high-touch, long-term care pharmacy-at-home model coupled with proprietary technology and automation to provide customized care tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

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