Simplify Your Daily Medications

into one exact pack

From Our Pharmacy to Your Home

If you face taking multiple medications each day and are concerned about taking the wrong pills at the wrong time then ExactPack™ is right for you.

  • We receive and fill your prescriptions from your healthcare provider.

  • Package your medication in the easy to use ExactPack™.

  • Box and ship your medications directly to your home from our pharmacy.

  • Your medications arrive at your doorstep before your ExactCare start date.

The Safer Way to Take Medication

Managing your healthcare doesn't have to be a chore.

No Sorting Pills
No Trips to the Pharmacy
No Calling in Refills
No Cost for Delivery
No Stress

Exact Day. Exact Time. Exact Amount.

ExactPack™ packages all your medications into one, easy to use dispensing box. Each pouch contains your specific drugs and dose for the day and time prescribed by your physician.

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