Proven Total Cost of Care Savings
for Complex, Chronic Members

Better health for your chronic, high-risk patients.
Better outcomes for you.

ExactCare provides solutions to help health plans and ACOs enhance care for medically-complex members. Our programs tackle medication-related and chronic care challenges, helping members achieve better health while enabling plans to achieve better clinical and economic outcomes.

Who We Serve

ExactCare patients typically take 8+ medications and have multiple chronic conditions, although each patient situation is unique. Patients on fewer medications can still benefit from ExactCare’s service.

Better Clinical and Economic Outcomes

Total Cost of Care Savings

Savings up to $980 PMPM for members taking 10+ daily medications.

Improved STAR Ratings

Driving performance improvements for plans for triple weighted Star measures.

Fewer Hospitalizations

Nearly 40% fewer hospitalizations for patients on ExactCare service.

Better Patient Health

89% of patients say ExactCare helps them better manage their health.

What Our Patients Are Saying

  • I am able to keep track of my meds and no longer go to the ER for overdoses. I came to you due to taking morning meds and evening meds together and going to the ER. Since I have been with you, that’s not an issue.

    ExactCare Patient
  • I am pleased with ExactCare’s service! What better way to manage my health than when I have one less matter to be concerned about? Keep up the good work!

    ExactCare Patient
  • My high blood pressure is now normal. My overall health is better because I take the correct medication and amount daily!

    ExactCare Patient
  • I don’t have to open several bottles. All my meds are right there. I had a stroke three years ago and forget a lot of things, but this way I just peel it off and open it. They are awesome and now my son uses ExactCare, too!

    ExactCare Patient
  • Thank you all so very much! I can’t tell you how much easier you’ve made it for me to take care of my mom. The staff have all been so conscientious, kind and helpful! You’ve made our lives easier!

    Family Caregiver of ExactCare Patient
  • It’s a time saver. I [used to] spend at least 45 minutes sorting my medications. ExactCare eliminates that issue.

    ExactCare Patient

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