Proven Total Cost of Care Savings
for Complex, Chronic Members

Better health for your chronic, high-risk patients.
Better outcomes for you.

ExactCare provides solutions to help health plans and ACOs enhance care for medically-complex members. Our programs tackle medication-related and chronic care challenges, helping members achieve better health while enabling plans to achieve better clinical and economic outcomes.

Who We Serve

ExactCare patients typically take 8+ medications and have multiple chronic conditions, although each patient situation is unique. Patients on fewer medications can still benefit from ExactCare’s service.

Better Clinical and Economic Outcomes

Total Cost of Care Savings

Savings up to $980 PMPM for members taking 10+ daily medications.

Improved STAR Ratings

Demonstrated five STAR PDC performance for adherence measures.

Fewer Hospitalizations

Nearly 40% fewer hospitalizations for patients on ExactCare service.

Better Patient Health

87% of patients say ExactCare helps them better manage their health.

Improve Medication Effectiveness

30% of clinical interventions ExactCare conducted in 2017 addressed drug duplications.

Simpler Medication Management

93% of patients say ExactCare makes it easier to manage their medications.

What Our Patients Are Saying

  • I love your service! I always enjoy speaking to everyone who works hard to make sure my medication is received on time. With each call my experience is more than pleasant. It touches my heart.

    David ExactCare Patient
  • Thank you for doing such a wonderful job! My medication is always on time, and when I call to ask for something you always deliver! I love working with ExactCare and am so glad I made the switch.

    Charles ExactCare Patient
  • I am very happy with your service. I really like that I speak to the same people every time I call. It's a lot easier speaking to one person instead of having to re-explain things every time.

    Rizek ExactCare Patient

Quality & Compliance

Quality checks in our processes

ExactCare utilizes several quality and safety measures to ensure patients receive the proper medication. Not only is every shipment checked three times by a pharmacist before it leaves our building, but we’ve also invested in advanced technology to ensure accuracy.

A key component of this process is a machine that uses digital recognition technology to individually scan each pouch in every ExactPack, ensuring it contains the proper medication. If it flags something for review, a pharmacist will examine that exact pouch to verify its contents. If needed, we will re-pack the ExactPack and send it through the same quality assurance process before it is shipped to the patient.


ExactCare respects patients’ privacy and is committed to protecting it through compliance with all State and Federal privacy laws. For more information:

ExactCare is licensed to provide services to patients in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. For more information regarding our service area, please contact us at

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