Multiple Medications?
There’s An Easier Way.

If you are an ExactCare patient with questions, please call: 1-877-355-7225.

ExactCare helps people who take multiple medications or have chronic illnesses.

Our service goes beyond just packaging and delivering your medications. We provide support to help you take your medications properly and to help your medications be safer and more effective. All of this adds up to less stress, more free time, and a healthier you!

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Take control of your medications, without letting them control your day.


Know you’re taking the right medications at the right time.


No more sorting and counting your pills every week.


Achieve better health with more effective medication routines.


Enjoy fewer or no trips to the pharmacy each month.

Your Pharmacy Needs, Delivered

  • Medications packaged by day and time
  • FREE monthly delivery
  • Prescription and non-prescription medications included
  • Monthly review of all your medications by a pharmacist
  • Refills managed for you
  • Electronic reminders to take your medications
  • Online account access
  • No additional cost for these benefits

Your Medications on the Go

As an ExactCare patient, you have access to a website and mobile app called MyECP. This makes it even easier to manage your medications. It’s also a great tool for anyone who helps you with medications to stay connected to your care.

Available on Google Play and the App Store or create an account now.

The ExactCare Difference


Easier to Get Started

No lengthy online questionnaires or spelling out a long list of medications over the phone. ExactCare will visit you at home to gather medication information, answer questions, and even call your doctors to let them know you’re changing pharmacies.


Monthly Medication Review

A clinical pharmacist will review all your medications every month. This includes new, changed and discontinued medications. We look for possible risks, such as drug interactions or dosage problems, and address them with your doctors.


A Healthier You

Taking your medications properly is an important part of your health. Using ExactCare has been shown to reduce hospitalizations and readmissions for our patients! That means you stay healthier and at home, where you want to be!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have all of my medications in the ExactPack?

No. We want to make your medication routine easier for you, so if it’s better to have some or all of your medications in vials or another packaging, we can supply that as well.

How much does it cost?

You are responsible only for your regular insurance copayments. Our services, including packaging and home delivery, are provided at no cost.

Do you take my insurance?

ExactCare accepts most major insurance plans, including Medicare Part D, Medicaid and private-pay insurance. We bill your insurance company directly, making the process as easy as possible for you.

How soon will I receive my ExactPack?

It is different for each patient. The faster we can get new prescriptions from your doctors, the faster we can send your complete ExactPack! Your personalized start of care plan will outline the path to your first pack. Your pharmacy care team will call you to review this plan following your in-home assessment.

Can you provide diabetic supplies?

ExactCare does dispense insulin and can provide other diabetic supplies. Patients with traditional/straight Medicare will need to go through a Medicare-approved company for diabetic supplies to obtain coverage benefits.

How are medication changes handled?

Medication changes are handled on a case-by-case basis. Our pharmacists will work with your doctor to determine the best solution. Often, we may deliver a short supply in a vial to carry you through until your next ExactPack is delivered. Your pharmacy care team will review any changes in how to take your medications with you or someone who helps you with your medications.

How do I know when medications will be delivered?

Your medications should be delivered on a regular schedule. You can track your delivery and sign up for shipping notifications through MyECP, a web portal and mobile app that provides direct access to your account information.

How do you ensure privacy?

We package every shipment in discreet, unmarked packages. Nothing on the outside of the box identifies there is medication inside.

What if I can’t schedule a time for you to complete an in-home assessment?

If you are having trouble finding a time to schedule an in-home assessment, we can complete an assessment over the phone. However, our in-home assessments make it easier for you to get started because a representative is there to collect important medication and health information and call your doctors.


  • I am able to keep track of my meds and no longer go to the ER for overdoses. I came to you due to taking morning meds and evening meds together and going to the ER. Since I have been with you, that’s not an issue.

    ExactCare Patient
  • I am pleased with ExactCare’s service! What better way to manage my health than when I have one less matter to be concerned about? Keep up the good work!

    ExactCare Patient
  • My high blood pressure is now normal. My overall health is better because I take the correct medication and amount daily!

    ExactCare Patient
  • I don’t have to open several bottles. All my meds are right there. I had a stroke three years ago and forget a lot of things, but this way I just peel it off and open it. They are awesome and now my son uses ExactCare, too!

    ExactCare Patient
  • It’s a time saver. I [used to] spend at least 45 minutes sorting my medications. ExactCare eliminates that issue.

    ExactCare Patient